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Appreciating Music

When working with DAW's, we, as producers, tend to get lost in them. Endless possibilities, hundreds of knobs, thousands of samples... It can be overwhelming. From time to time, the freedom that today's modern music technology offers, can put us in a psychological torture. We even forget why we started making music in the first place. And I know how we all decided to be a musician. Remember that one song you can't stop listening... Whatever sound got your attention, maybe a guitar solo with a dreamy reverb, maybe lead singer crying his/her heart out that makes you feel things, or maybe that fucking powerful bass erasing your memory, the music so good that made you ask your parents to buy you an instrument just to play it...

But now most of the time I listen songs as they are market products. While I listen I'm mostly thinking "how did they write this track, which sound the producer preferred, did they put this part as a commercial move?"

Thus listening music, which is one the most beautiful things a human can experience, can get really frustrating. Because listening music like this distracts your focus from the soul of the track. After all, it's all about the vibe. It's art. A sort of communication with its makers. Songwriters & producers and of course, mixing & mastering engineers, meticulously carve every second of the audio that you are hearing. And in every second, they are trying to tell something, sharing a story through words and waveforms.

Every once in a while I discover a track that makes me zone out for a few minutes and escape from reality, I let my head float in the soundwaves coming from my headphones. Frequencies transcending to my ears and my brain like magic. These are the moments that happens every now and then, makes me stop thinking like a producer and appreciate the music like a normal listener. And doing so, I can focus on just the music and feel the vibe they want to share. I also go back to old playlists and listen my favorite songs I used to listen in the past. I try to remember what made me love them before I learned producing & mixing.

Doing this can help you to make wiser decisions in your productions. Because it will help you to hear your own music from a consumer's perspective. This is actually very important thing to consider when producing; music consumers doesn't listen like a producer does. You may craft a perfect sounding song, but ask yourself often, "Does this track has the spark or is it just sounding good?" It's only the vibe that matters after your music is released. If you can reflect the vibe in your head to your production and still enjoy it like a consumer the next day, you know you are on the right path.

Here are my favorite trap & R&B tracks I discovered recently, hope you enjoy!

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